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Breaking the Mold
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Meet the Cast

Kee Maleskyis a 16-year-old high school junior in the midst of an identity crisis. When she was little, Kee was a great researcher who won awards for her prowess in the library. Over the years she stopped doing research as her interest became eclipsed by her brother Mo's hockey career. Soft-spoken Kee has few friends besides Shelly and her pet turtle. All she really wants is to find her true self and she searches hopelessly through teen magazines for the answer. After she has an unexplained asthma attack, she dusts off her research skills to solve the mystery. In the process, she rediscovers what makes her happy.

Mo Malesky, Kee's older brother, is a hockey star, pizza boy, and general all-around nice guy. The hundreds of trophies Mo has won litter the house, and polishing them has become his mother's favorite hobby. Mo genuinely cares for his sister but is too absorbed in his own world of hockey and reality-show fame to notice Kee's unhappiness.

Mrs. Malesky means well, but the amount of attention she showers on her son Mo is at the expense of her younger daughter, Kee. Mrs. Malesky is so distracted by Mo's glittering success that she even forgets her daughter is a vegetarian. In the end, though, she is filled with pride for both of her children.

Shelly , Kee's best friend, has a nine-year-old assistant named Champagne and a newsletter with a small following in Hollywood. Her expansive personality and flamboyant color preferences fill whatever space she occupies. Shelly's latest project is rescuing Kee from Mo's shadow by turning her into a star. Tapping her contacts, Shelly lands Kee on a reality TV show. After an asthma attack gets Kee suspended from the program, Shelly's desire to make Kee a star pushes their friendship to the breaking point.

is a petite nine-year old going on thirty-nine. She takes her job as Shelly's assistant seriously and wears professional business suits and sensible shoes to fit the part. Champagne will do anything to win the approval of her "boss" Shelly. If Shelly wants a flower to garnish her fruit smoothie, Champagne finds the freshest poppy around. When Shelly is feeling blue, Champagne rushes to her side to console her. Champagne's ambition in life is to run her own public relations company that caters to the stars.

Darais Kee's roommate and archenemy on the reality show. Dara dislikes Kee from the start and sets out to intimidate her and get her kicked off the show. Her most aggressive tactic is to hog the bathroom, take hour-long showers several times a day, and wrap her wet hair in Kee's only dry towel. She thinks she's succeeded when a steamed and stressed out Kee is sent to the hospital with an asthma attack. But Dara has a secret. She had asthma as a child and is afraid that a relapse will cause her to get booted off the show too. Ultimately, Dara's love for taking long showers becomes a key to the mystery.

Tebucky Johansson is the research librarian at Middletown Public Library. Tebucky helped Kee with her award-winning research when she was seven and comes to her aide once again when Kee's investigations into the mold problem heat up. Kee has admired Tebucky ever since she was a child and is inspired by him to pursue a career in library research.

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